IndiaInstead of giving relief to the poor, the government's focus is only...

Instead of giving relief to the poor, the government’s focus is only on collecting revenue, the opposition surrounded the center in the Rajya Sabha

new Delhi: In the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, members of various opposition parties surrounded the government over the rising prices of petrol and diesel, claiming that its interest is not in giving relief to the poor but in collecting revenue. . At the same time, rejecting the allegations of the opposition, the members of the ruling party said that during the Covid Pandemic, the manner in which the government has spent money on various works, including providing free food grains to the poor people, shows that this government is working for the poor. Working in the best interest. The opposition also suggested to the government that it should spend money to increase the purchasing power of the people without worrying about increasing the fiscal deficit.

Is increasing the prices of petrol and diesel in the interest of the poor?
Participating in the joint discussion on the Appropriation Bill and Finance Bill in the Upper House, Shantanu Sen of Trinamool Congress said that the number of poor in the country is more than 80 crore. He said that in the last one week, the price of petrol and diesel has increased seven times. “Is this in the interest of the poor?” he asked, adding that public sector undertakings were being privatized and how could this move be called in the interest of the poor. He alleged that the government was interested in collecting revenue and not in providing relief to the poor.

‘India has never seen such a harsh government in its history’
Sen said that similarly, there has been an increase of 23 percent in the price of domestic LPG (LPG Cylinder Price Hike) in the last one year. He said, “People are being forced to use kerosene today but the price of kerosene has also become out of their reach.” And it is becoming difficult for the common people to run the house. He said, “India has never seen such a harsh government in its history.”

‘The youth of the country are looking for employment in other countries’
Taking part in the discussion, Priyanka Chaturvedi of Shiv Sena said, “The salary of the insurance industry was to be reviewed. The employees of this industry worked continuously during the Covid period. Their salary should be reviewed. He said it was worrying. He said that after getting employment in other countries, six lakh Indians gave up their citizenship here.

Chaturvedi said, “Today we are the only country in the world that taxed cryptocurrency even before the introduction of the Cryptocurrency Bill. This situation is when we are not even aware of the status of crypto currency. ”He said that the decision has been taken without understanding about crypto. In other countries, there are many big companies whose heads are Indians. If those Indians had used their talent in our country, India would surely have benefited from it.

‘Two years were very difficult for the country due to the pandemic’
BJP member K. J. Taking part in the discussion, Alphons said that he is not saying that the country has a very rosy picture in terms of micro-economy. He said that the country has gone through two very difficult years due to the Corona pandemic. He said that when people were expecting that things would start improving, in the meantime the Russia-Ukraine War started, due to which the economy of the world started going down again.

The BJP member said that the total amount proposed to be spent by the central government in the next financial year is Rs 39.34 lakh crore. He said that in the last budget it was Rs 34.85 lakh crore and later Rs 37.07 lakh crore was spent.

‘We are the fastest growing economy in the world’

J. Alphons said the opposition accused the government of not spending adequately on MGNREGA, health and food subsidies. He said that if this was the case, the government would not have needed to seek permission from Parliament to spend Rs 2.8 lakh crore more than last year’s budget. He said that it was necessary for the people of India, so it was spent. If we look at the basic elements of the economy, we are growing at the rate of 9.2 percent. Not only the government, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund are also saying this. We are the fastest growing economy in the world.

Alphons acknowledged that the country’s growth rate could fall to eight to eight-and-a-half percent next year due to rising petroleum and commodity prices due to the Russo-Ukraine war. Despite that, India will continue to be the fastest growing economy, he said. He said that the demand has not picked up in the rural areas of the country. So money has to be invested in the economy. He said that money has to be put in the hands of the people so that the purchasing power of the people can increase. The government should not care much about fiscal deficit in this matter and should bring money to the hands of the people.

BJP member J. Alphons said India’s export figures are on the rise and have reached an all-time high of $400 billion. He said that India’s quality exports have increased. He said that the opposition is asking what the government has done for the poor. The BJP member asked that the 11 crore toilets that have been constructed were they built for Ambani and Adani? Are the two crore houses built by the government for Ambani or Adani or for the poor? He said that during Covid, millions of tonnes of food grains were given to the poor free of cost, then for whom was it?