TechnologyInnovation, SumUp aims for One Stop Shopping

Innovation, SumUp aims for One Stop Shopping

SumUp aims at One Stop Shopping and mobile Pos are now also arriving in large-scale distribution and in all consumer electronics chains. Facilitate for merchants and artisans the possibility of offering their customers card payment, promoting the ‘One Stop Shopping experience: it is with this intent, in fact, that SumUp, fintech of the digital payments sector and innovative cashless solutions, is strengthening the collaboration with the most important consumer electronics chains in Italy and is working to expand also in the large-scale distribution sector, in order to be increasingly present in Italian supermarkets.

“The ‘One Stop Shopping’ logic allows, in fact, to those who have a small business – as micro entrepreneurs, retailers, hobbyists or artisans – to centralize the search and purchase of innovative solutions useful for developing their business, referring to a single place. In this way, they simplify working life and save precious time “explains Umberto Zola, Country Growth Lead Italy at SumUp. Small merchants can thus quickly acquire an electronic payment terminal (Pos), in the same shop where, for example, they buy the smartphone to use a company number or the card for the printer, without having to go to a specialized center or a bank branch, starting to accept electronic payments on the same day, without constraints and hidden costs or the need to enter into contracts, being able to implement remote payments as well.

“As SumUp we are enhancing partnerships with Consumer Electronics and large-scale distribution chains because we want to innovate digital payments through a widespread distribution system not only online, but also at a territorial level, to make the purchase of a Pos as simple as that of a smartphone. For this – adds Gianluca Cotroneo, Business Development Manager Retail of SumUp – we took the Pos out of the branches and made sure that it is available everywhere, even in small towns, thanks to a widespread network: from large consumer electronics chains to newsstands and stationeries “.

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