TechnologyInnovation, Relief on the podium of the Italian Master Startup Award 2021

Innovation, Relief on the podium of the Italian Master Startup Award 2021

It was Relief that won the Italian Master Startup Award (Imsa), the spinoff of the Institute of BioRobotics of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa thus rises on the podium of the 2021 edition. Intended for startups born in the academic field that have shown the best performances on the market, Imsa rewards this year a reality that develops and produces innovative biomedical devices for urinary incontinence – a dysfunction that affects about 500 million people worldwide, of which 3 million in Italy alone – and that has devised a minimally invasive endourethral device for patients with severe incontinence.

The name of the winners was announced at the Technological Pole of San Giovanni a Teduccio, in Naples. The 15th edition of the Prize promoted by PniCube was organized by the Federico II University of Naples, with the support of the traveling fair on Innovation Village innovations and the European Council for Small Business (Ecsb), the largest European association circuit on entrepreneurship. 13 finalists are competing to win the 5 thousand euro prize and the subscription and access to all contents for one year of the Ecsb.

“The 2021 edition of Imsa awarded one of the most significant technological sectors of Italian research, the biomedicalcommented Alessandro Grandi, President of PniCube. “We like to think that even thanks to our small contribution, he has added Large-sized companies like this one will tomorrow be able to grow and become consolidated groups capable of improving people’s quality of life through research produced by our universities”.

Relief, led by the biomedical engineer Gioia Lucarini, CEO and Co-Founder, has developed a solution to combat urinary incontinence through a system with reduced invasiveness and low cost. Applicable on an outpatient and unisex level, the device is externally invisible and is capable of restoring urinary continence thanks to a wireless activation system based on the use of magnetic fields, significantly improving the patient’s quality of life.

Relief’s innovative patented technology recently caught the attention of Santex, the Italian company that manufactures high quality medical devices, which in April 2021 entered the share capital of the spinoff with a capital increase of 2 million euros. This capital increase will make it possible to strengthen the marketing and distribution phase in public hospitals and private clinics affiliated with the National Health Service.

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