IndiaInhales nitrogen gas and kills pregnant wife and fiance; 40-year-old arrested

Inhales nitrogen gas and kills pregnant wife and fiance; 40-year-old arrested


  • Ex-wife and fianc killed.
  • Former soldier arrested in Punjab
  • The murder was committed by inhaling nitrogen gas.

Patiala: An ex-soldier has been arrested for brutally killing his pregnant ex-wife and fiance by inhaling nitrogen gas. Navninder Preetpal Singh, a retired Colonel from the Army, was arrested. The incident took place in Patiala, Punjab. Police said a detailed investigation into the two murders was ongoing.

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Navninder Preetpal Singh killed his fiance Chupinderpal on October 20 while they were getting married. After informing her parents on the day of the incident, the girl went to see Navninder but did not return. Defendant informed the woman’s family that he had returned home and that he had returned immediately after the altercation and had not received any further information. The murder came to light after the girl’s relatives lodged a complaint with the police.

The information about the murder came out when the police investigation reached Navninder. He had spoken to Chupinderpal, who had come home, and after believing that inhaling nitrogen gas would help enhance his beauty, he was given an inhalation of gas from the cylinder. He said Chupinder’s body was buried in the bathroom of his house when it became clear that he had died.

Chupinder came to Patiala to buy wedding dresses and jewelery. The engagement took place in March this year. Navninder, 40, is a retired Army Colonel.

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Following the confirmation of Chupinder’s murder, the police have launched an investigation into the death of Sukhdeep Kaur, Navninder’s first wife. Detailed interrogation revealed that this was a similar murder. Navninder was married to Sukhdeep Kaur from Bishanpura village in Sangrur district in February 2018. Defendant told police that she was murdered on September 19 of the same year while she was pregnant. The family was told the woman had died of a heart attack. According to the police, Navninder was killed out of fear that his relationship with women would be exposed.

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