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INDvNZ: The second T20 to be held in Ranchi tomorrow will be postponed! the matter reached the court

A petition has been filed in the Jharkhand High Court seeking postponement of the second match of the India-New Zealand T20 cricket series to be held here on Friday or allowing matches to be held with only half the stadium’s capacity.

Advocate Dheeraj Kumar of Jharkhand High Court has filed a PIL in Jharkhand High Court against opening of 100% seats for spectators in the second T20 match of the series between New Zealand and India at JSCA Stadium of Jharkhand State Cricket Association on Friday. is of.

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The advocate has opposed the exemption to organize cricket matches with 100 percent capacity. He said that when the state temples, all the courts and other offices are also working with 50 percent staff regarding the corona infection, under which rule has the state government given permission to use the cricket stadium with 100 percent capacity?

In the petition, there has been a demand to postpone tomorrow’s match or ban the use of the stadium at 100 percent capacity. The advocate has also made a special request in the court for early hearing on the petition so that the hearing can be held at the earliest and the order of the state government can be stayed in this matter.

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Significantly, two days ago, the state government had allowed to book only 50 percent of the stadium’s seats for the cricket match between New Zealand and India, but then this decision was withdrawn and the organizers were asked to book the stadium for the match. Allowed to book all seats.