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Indore Techie Aman Pandey: Indore’s Aman Pandey found 280 mistakes in Google, got a reward of 65 crores

Indore : Google has given a reward of Rs 65 crore (aman pandey gets 65 crores from google) to Indore resident Aman Pandey for the bug report. Aman runs a company named Bugsmirror in Indore. According to Google, last year it paid $87 million to those who reported bugs on its various services. At the same time, Google in its report has made a special mention of Aman Pandey of Indore, who is the founder of Bugsmirror company (indore techie search 280 bugs in google). Google has said in its report that Pandey of the Bugsmirror team was our top researcher last year.

Along with this, Google said that they reported 232 bugs last year. He gave his report for the first time in 2019 and since then he has reported over 280 vulnerabilities for the Android Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP). This has proved to be instrumental in making our program a success. At the same time, Aman Pandey has done B.Tech from Bhopal NIT. He had registered his company in 2021.

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Aman Pandey’s company Bugsmirror helps Google, Apple and other companies to make their security systems more robust. Android VRP paid twice as much in 2021 as in 2020 and paid $1,57,000, the largest ever amount, to locate an exploit chain in Android.

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Aman Pandey is originally from Jharkhand. The initial education took place in Patratu. After that, he studied up to 12th from Chinmaya Vidyalaya located in Bokaro. Aman has done B.Tech from Bhopal NIT of 12th. Uday Shankar, a member of the team of Aman’s company Bugsmirror, while talking to Navbharat on the phone said that our company has started in January 2021. Right now the management team is four people. The rest are interns. He said that we started it as a startup.

Uday Shankar said that Aman lives in Indore only in connection with work. His family still lives in Jharkhand. At the same time, the team is very excited about the success of Bugsmirror.

At the same time, Sarah Jacobs, a member of Google’s Vulnerability Rewards team, said that the biggest reward in our industry to date is $ 15,00,000 for the Titan-M security chip and no one has claimed it yet. Google has also started the Android Chipset Security Rewards Program in collaboration with some of the well-known Android chipset manufacturers.

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Last year, the program paid $2,96,000 for 220 security reports. This time under Chrome VRP, 115 researchers were given a total of $3.3 million to report 333 Chrome security bugs. Of these $3.3 million, $3.1 million was given for reporting Chrome browser security bugs and $2,50,500 for reporting Chrome OS bugs. Google Play rewards more than $ 5,55,000 to more than 60 researchers.

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