IndiaIndian Navy: Indian Navy awaits new utility helicopter from HAL instead of...

Indian Navy: Indian Navy awaits new utility helicopter from HAL instead of Chetak

New Delhi: The Indian Navy is now waiting for a new utility helicopter from HAL to meet its needs. The Naval Utility Helicopter can no longer be imported as the Defense Ministry has included it in its third list of positive Indianisation. That is, now it can be taken from the indigenous vendor only. HAL has already said that it is making utility helicopters for the Navy. Navy needs 111 utility helicopters. Till this is not found, the Navy has to operate with a 60-year-old Chetak helicopter.

Naval utility helicopter has been in demand for a long time
The Navy has been demanding a Naval Utility Helicopter for a long time. The Chetak helicopters that are present now have less endurance, that is, they can stay in the air for a short time. Whereas according to the need of the Navy, modern helicopters with more endurance are needed. The Navy had taken forward the case of taking utility helicopters under the Strategic Partnership Model. But HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) said that they will make new utility helicopters for the Navy. After which the proposal to get the helicopter under the Strategic Partnership Model was put on hold. However, despite being named in the positive Indianization list, the option of getting a helicopter from an Indian vendor under the Strategic Partnership Model is not exhausted. But according to sources, the higher authority in the ministry wants that either HAL should be given a chance in the strategic partnership proposal or the helicopter should be taken from HAL itself.

‘Helicopters made by HAL do not meet Navy’s requirements’
According to sources, the helicopters made by HAL now do not meet the requirements of the Navy. However, HAL has talked about changes in these. According to an official, the requirement of the Navy is different from that of the Army and Air Force. Different types of multirole helicopters are needed for use in the sea. The helicopter can come from any direction for ground landing, but this is not possible in a moving ship, although this shortcoming can be overcome to a great extent through the design of the blade system and rotor head.

Need for a helicopter with blaze and tail fold
In Anti Submarine Warfare, the helicopter has to fly very low and have to stay in the air for many hours, so more endurance is needed. If there is any problem, then the helicopter has to takeoff in such a way that it sits in the water, so the bottom of the navy helicopter should be like a boat. Navy helicopters live in warships. Space is very important in a warship, so the Navy needs a helicopter whose blade and tail can be folded. The Navy utility also uses helicopters from rescue missions to surveillance. It is also used to transport goods and people from one ship to another in the sea.