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India will field a key player in the fourth Test with a crucial change; Two substitutes !!

India could be part of the squad for the fourth Test against England. The team management’s plan is to replace the players who have completely faded in the third match. Both teams are now 1-1 in the five-match series. Therefore, further matches will be crucial for India and England.

Out-of-form bowler Ishant Sharma will be the main loser. Ishant, who could not take a single wicket in the third match, conceded more than 4 runs in the over, adding to the impact of the defeat. Ishant, who lost the line and length and bowled without luck and lag, was criticized by former players. Ishant did not shine in the World Test Championship either.

India are considering two players to replace Ishant. R Ashwin and Shardul Thakur. Shardul excelled in the first game but was later ruled out due to injury. Ashwin did not get a chance in a single match this time. With Ravindra Jadeja also playing, Ashwin’s decision not to play two spinners was a setback in the first innings.

Ishant is likely to be replaced by a pacer. Substitutes Umesh Yadav and Shardul Thakur are on the list. With Shardul shining in the first match, he could play in the fourth Test. Shardul’s batting prowess will help. It is hoped that Umesh Yadav will also be able to play if Mohammad Shamim or Jaspreet Bumray is rested.

Meanwhile, Ravindra Jadeja’s injury is a threat to the team. Jadeja will be fully fit or Ashwin will prove his chance in the fourth Test. Jadeja was unable to shine with the ball in the first three games. At the same time, Jadeja was given the position as he was making a significant contribution to the batting. Jadeja may have to come out if Ashwin plays.

The first match of the Test series was drawn and India won the second match. England won the third Test. India suffered a crushing defeat in the first innings of the third Test. Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane are not playing consistently in batting. India are worried that captain Virat Kohli has not performed well. The visitors can take an unbeaten lead if they win the Test at the Oval on September 2.


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