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India US Tension on Russia: US Deputy NSA did not threaten India… why is the White House clarifying?

Washington: After threatening India on buying oil from Russia, America (US Warning on India Oil Imports from Russia) has now given a clarification. The White House said that Indian-origin Dalip Singh, the chief architect of the Biden administration on Russian sanctions, had not given any warning to India during his visit to New Delhi. He said that Dalip Singh had positive talks with the Indian side regarding oil imports from Russia. The White House also said that India imports more energy from the US than Russia. Dalip Singh had threatened India and said that America will come to help it against China.

America said – Dalip Singh’s statement is not a warning
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, responding to a question about Dalip Singh’s recent visit to India, said that I would not put him in the category of warning. Singh, the deputy national security adviser to President Joe Biden, is considered the architect of setting economic sanctions on Russia over the war against Ukraine. Dalip Singh had said that if China violates the Line of Actual Control, then India should not expect that Russia will come forward to help it.

Russia will not come running to save India from China, America, who raises Pakistan, should first see the history of its trust.
Dalip Singh threatened on transactions with Russia
Dalip Singh had also said that the US would not like to see any country engaging in financial transactions with the Russian central bank. He said India’s current import of Russian energy does not violate any US sanctions (against Russia) as the US has exempted the supply of energy from Russia. But it added that the US would also like to see its allies find ways to reduce their dependence on untrustworthy suppliers.

Don’t think Russia will come to help you against China, why did America tell India so
America is angry with India’s neutrality
The statement by the US deputy NSA was seen as a smirk to the Biden administration over India’s neutrality in the Ukraine-Russia war. America is stunned by the failure of every bet to get India’s side against Russia. This is the reason why America offered India to import oil and gas from its country instead of Russia. But if we look at history, America’s side cannot be trusted, because it has always supported Pakistan.

Russia Ukraine crisis: Those who obstruct the sanctions on Russia will have to face the consequences, America’s open threat
America wants to avoid India’s displeasure
America knows that it cannot establish itself as a powerful country in the Indo-Pacific region by angering India. US forces are stationed in many areas of Asia, but against China, the need for it with India is very high. Apart from this, India is the largest market in the world. In such a situation, if India gets angry then America will have to pay a heavy price. So far, India has tried to remain neutral between Russia and America, not taking any side. In such a situation, if India takes the side of Russia, then US sanctions will have no effect. At the same time, it will be considered a huge failure of American diplomacy all over the world.