WorldIndia-Taliban meet: India-Taliban meeting in Doha, protection of Indian citizens discussed

India-Taliban meet: India-Taliban meeting in Doha, protection of Indian citizens discussed

Own report: After the US troops left Afghanistan, the Taliban regained full control of the country. This is the first official meeting with India since then. On the same day in Doha, Indian Ambassador to Qatar Deepak Mittal met with Sher Mohammad Abas Stanekzai, a possible foreign minister of the Afghan government.

Basically, security, safety and speedy repatriation of Indian nationals stranded in Afghanistan were discussed. At the request of the Taliban, a meeting was held between the two sides at the Indian Embassy in Doha.

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An official statement said, “The security of Indian nationals detained in Afghanistan and their speedy return to India has been discussed. Besides, the issue of Afghan citizens, especially minorities who want to come to India, has also come up for discussion.

During the meeting, India unequivocally stated that anti-India terrorist activities should not take place on Afghan soil. Not only that, but India has also objected to the way in which militants have begun to use Afghan soil as a base of choice since the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Incidentally, this meeting was likely to be held earlier. However, it took several days for India to come to terms with the Taliban.

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