IndiaIndia-China 13th Round Commander-in-Chief talks fail; The armies will not retreat

India-China 13th Round Commander-in-Chief talks fail; The armies will not retreat


  • Thirteenth round of talks failed
  • India says China is not cooperating
  • China says India’s proposals are unrealistic

New Delhi: The new commander-in-chief’s talks to resolve the ongoing standoff between the Indo-Chinese forces in the border areas, including Ladakh, have failed. The 13th round of commander-in-chief talks between the two armies ended in a stalemate. Military sources said that China was not ready to accept the proposals put forward by India and did not put forward effective proposals.

The discussion lasted for about nine hours on Sunday. Lieutenant General PKG Menon represented the Indian Army and South Xinjiang Military District Chief for the Chinese Army. Lieutenant General PKG Menon is the Commander of the 14th Corps. The military said in a statement on Monday morning that the talks had failed to resolve existing issues.

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At the same time, China claims that India is the reason why the problems remain unresolved. China has accused India of making childish and unrealistic demands, which have hampered the talks. China has said that India is misunderstanding the current situation in the border dispute and should instead pay the price for the progress made in the talks so far.

The talks were expected to enable a military withdrawal from Patrolling Point 15 in the Hotsprings-Gogra-Kongla area. But neither side was able to reach a decision on the matter. According to the report, the talks failed to control the military in areas where China regularly patrols the Indian military. According to a report in the Times of India, talks on the withdrawal of Chinese troops from the Depsangbalj region have stalled.

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At the same time, the Indian military says China’s unilateral attempt to completely redraw the border is behind the protracted dispute. India says China’s position is a violation of bilateral agreements. The Indian military also demanded that China take appropriate action to ensure peace in the remaining areas of the region.

The Indian Army said in a statement that the two armies had decided to maintain the status quo on the ground and communicate with each other. She said she hoped China would change its position on the border issue and move forward with resolving the issue.

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