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India at UNSC: Afghanistan must not become a terrorist country; India is concerned at the United Nations

Own report: India has clarified its position on the Taliban aggression in Afghanistan at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

TS Tirumurti, India’s permanent member of the United Nations, told an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council that it would be a relief for Afghanistan’s neighbors if Afghanistan did not become a land of terror.

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Two meetings were held at the United Nations in the space of a week. At Monday’s meeting, India also said it was “horrified” to see gruesome images of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. Women and children across the country are upset. Shooting is also going on at the airport and in the city. All in all, the situation in Afghanistan is dire. In this situation, India’s plea – everyone must take more responsibility in Afghanistan to uphold the civil rights of all people. Let the international community fulfill its responsibility. Interest should not be an obstacle in this case.

Besides, India has also expressed hope. India says it is still optimistic the situation will return to normal soon.

Earlier, UN officials had repeatedly said they had no plans to bring their members back to Afghanistan on an emergency basis. But according to the latest reports, the United Nations is concerned about the safety of its members on Afghan soil. On behalf of the United Nations, Stéphane Dujarric said the situation in Taliban-occupied Afghanistan was being monitored every hour.

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