IndiaIncident of spreading housewife's number in the name of sex worker: CM...

Incident of spreading housewife’s number in the name of sex worker: CM says strict action


  • Incident in which the mobile phone number of the housewife was spread.
  • CM says strict action will be taken.
  • The Chief Minister said that such activities will not be allowed.

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that stern action will be taken in the incident where the mobile phone number of the housewife was spread in the name of sex worker. The housewife’s complaint will be dealt with promptly. The CM said in a Facebook post that the culprits will be found and brought to justice.

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The culprits will be identified and brought to justice through strong action. Those who carry out such vicious attacks on women are grossly anti-social. The police will fulfill their responsibility to inflict the most severe punishment on them. The Chief Minister also clarified that activities which are detrimental to the freedom and sovereignty of the people will not be allowed.

Modern communication technologies should be used for the betterment and progress of the society. There will be more stringent interventions to prevent the misuse of technology. He said in a Facebook post that he could not tolerate the criminal tendency to use it to hurt or insult others.

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The mobile phone number of the housewife, a native of Wakathanam, Changanassery, Kottayam, was spread by some on social media. They said that with the number written down in public toilets, there was constant harassment over the phone. He lodged a complaint with the police but there was no positive response. The housewife clarified that the police had suggested changing the phone number.

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