IndiaIn which other state will the CPM hold a rally of 1000...

In which other state will the CPM hold a rally of 1000 people? There is no great merit in their coming: K Sudhakaran

KPCC President K Sudhakaran opposes the stand of the CPM Kerala unit that the Congress cannot replace the BJP in India. Sudhakaran asked what help the Congress had received from the Left in the fight against the BJP government. Sudhakaran said the Left was the weakest political movement in the Indian opposition.

Congress cannot change

The CPM Kerala unit is of the view that the Congress cannot replace the Congress in India. Pinarayi Vijayan made his position clear during the discussions in the CPM on taking a stand at the national level according to the situation in the states. Pinarayi described the collapse of the Congress, citing the number of leaders who have defected from the Congress to the BJP and are working at the national level.

‘Hiding at the resort’

Many of the MLAs who hid at the resort in Karnataka are now BJP MLAs. Pinarayi reminded that the NDA was able to come to power in Karnataka because 17 MLAs from the Congress went to the BJP. Pinarayi said that the former Chief Minister and Union Ministers are in the BJP today. He said that even Jyotiraditya Scindia, a close confidante of Rahul Gandhi, was part of the BJP.

There is no benefit in coming

Sudhakaran has reacted by saying that there is no point in joining hands with the Congress to oppose the BJP in national politics. “What is the strength of the Left in national politics? Is the CPM the only one in Kerala? What other state can the CPM have that can hold a rally of a thousand people? What help has the Congress got from the Left in the fight against the BJP government? Even now, the party has no great advantage. The Left is the weakest movement in the Indian opposition.” Sudhakaran said.