WorldIn Turkish Diyarbakir 733th day, mothers rally continues

In Turkish Diyarbakir 733th day, mothers rally continues

In the city of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey, a sit-in rally of mothers continues, whose children were deceived into the ranks of the terrorist organization RKK.

The rally continues for the third year (from September 3, 2019) at the office of the Turkish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), which is accused of aiding terrorists.

One of the protesters, Esmer Koch, said that her daughter Zubeide was abducted eight years ago from the Shemdinli district of the Hakkari province.

According to her, the HDR functionaries took the 15-year-old to the area where the RKK terrorists are operating. “Since 2013, there has been no instance where I would not turn in search of my daughter, but I didn’t get any news from her,” says Koch.

The woman demands from the HDR representatives to return her daughter back.

The participants of the action are determined to continue the action.

“We have been continuing the action for the third year already. Let the children be returned to us. It is very painful to be away from the child. Don’t let our children die! ”Said the woman, urging her daughter to surrender to Turkish security forces.

Another participant, Shevket Bingel, said that he had joined the action in the hope of returning his son Tunjay. “Unfortunately, HDR members avoid meeting with us. This is because it was they who took our children and handed them over to the bloody terrorist organization, ”Bingel said.

The man stressed that the protesters with all their determination will continue to watch at the building of the Democratic Party. “We will continue the action until we get our children back. We will not leave this place, even if not 3 years, but 3 thousand years pass, ”Bingel emphasized.

The man also urged his son to abandon the criminal path and return to normal life.

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