WorldIn the passion of being famous, the limits were crossed, the couple...

In the passion of being famous, the limits were crossed, the couple posed for obscene photos in front of the church

The beliefs of the people of that religion are associated with any religious place. People of other religions also do not disrespect these holy places, but in Russia the obscene act of a couple has provoked people’s anger on social media. The couple posed for a picture in front of a famous church in the world and uploaded it on the internet. Many people strongly opposed this photo and Christianity objected to it.

The name of the video blogger of Tajikistan who did this act is Ruslan Bobiv. Ruslan was walking with a woman in Moscow, the capital of Russia. During this, he stood in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral Church and posed in an obscene pose. In the photo, the woman is wearing a jacket matching the clothes of the police. As soon as the photo started going viral on social media, there was an uproar in Russia.

Court sentenced 10 days sentence
After the strong reaction of the people, the police swung into action and took quick action and arrested Raslan. He was sentenced to 10 days in prison. Some people are religious and some are calling it an insult to the police. Raslan was arrested by the police on 30 September. The court has sent him to jail for 10 days after which he will be sent to Tajikistan.

apologized by making a video
After the obscene photo went viral, Raslan apologized for hurting religious sentiments by making a video. Raslan promised that he would not do such a thing again. Ruslan is a popular video blogger who makes prank videos with strangers. In the past too, he has been seen pranking with the Moscow Police in many videos.