WorldIn the Olympic piggy bank of Turkey - 91 medals

In the Olympic piggy bank of Turkey – 91 medals

Turkey has won 91 medals in the history of the Summer Olympic Games.

73 athletes returned from the Olympics with medals.

At the same time, 85 medals were won by men, six – by women.

The Tokyo Summer Olympics will be the 23rd Olympiad featuring Turkish athletes.

In total, Turkey won 39 gold, 25 silver and 27 bronze medals at the Summer Olympics.

Turkey won the first medal at the Summer Olympics in wrestling

From the first four Olympics, Turkish athletes returned without medals.

For the first time, Turkish athletes distinguished themselves at the 1936 Olympics. Wrestler Ahmet Kirecchi won the bronze medal of the competition.

The first gold medal was brought by the wrestler Yashar Ercan from the XI Summer Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin.

In general, wrestling remains the sport in which Turkish athletes have achieved the greatest success at the Olympics.

Turkish wrestlers won 63 medals at the Olympics: 29 gold, 18 silver and 16 bronze.

11 medals were won by Turkish weightlifters, 7 – taekwondo fighters, five – boxers, three – track and field athletes and two – judokas.

The first Olympic medal for women was won in 1992

Turkish athletes won their first Olympic medal at the Games in 1992.

Judoka Julia Chenyurt returned from Barcelona with a bronze medal.

With Olympic gold, Turkish athletes returned in 2004.

Weightlifter Nurjan Taylan took first place at the Athens Olympics.

Famous Olympic medalists of Turkey: Naim Suleimanoglu and Khalil Mutlu

The most successful Turkish athletes in the history of the Olympic Games are weightlifters Naim Suleimanoglu and Halil Mutlu.

Naim Suleimanoglu and Khalil Mutlu each won three Olympic gold medals for their country in their careers.

Suleimanoglu has inscribed his name in world sports, winning gold in three Olympics in a row: in Seoul in 1988, in Barcelona in 1992 and Atlanta in 1996.

Mutlu became Olympic champion in 1996 in the Entente, in 2000 in Sydney and in 2004 in Athens, repeating the success of Suleimanoglu.

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