WorldIn the Church of France, since 1950, around 3000 devils are hunting...

In the Church of France, since 1950, around 3000 devils are hunting innocent children, the report will reveal the truth

For nearly 70 years, there has been such an outcry in the Catholic Church of France, about which no one even knew about it. After decades, a report related to this is ready in front. Before its release, hair-raising facts are coming to the fore. An independent commission has revealed in its report that since 1950, there were between 2,900 to 3,200 clergy or members present in the church who used to make innocent children victims of their lust.

The seriousness of this can be seen from the fact that the commission has described its assessment as ‘minimal’ i.e. the real number could be much higher. This report has been prepared after nearly two and a half years of research on the basis of church, court and police records and statements of witnesses. According to Jean-Meires Suav, in this 2500-page report, an attempt has been made to give the number of perpetrators and victims as accurately as possible.
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It also looked at the process within the church, institutional or cultural, that allowed these criminals to persist. 45 proposals related to this have also been given in the report. The French Catholic Church had set up an independent commission for this in the year 2018, when there was a ruckus due to a large number of cases.

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Phones started coming in a few months
At the same time, Pope Francis also said that those who know about such incidents in the Catholic Church, they should inform their seniors. About 22 legal experts, doctors, historians, sociologists and theologians worked together to investigate sexual crimes against children since 1950. Shortly after the formation, statements of witnesses were taken and a telephone hotline was started. Then it started receiving thousands of calls in a few months.