WorldIn the case regarding the alleged abuse of two brothers in Elmalı,...

In the case regarding the alleged abuse of two brothers in Elmalı, the defendants were acquitted.

During the hearing at the Elmalı High Criminal Court, the children’s mother MA, stepfather RA and uncle SCG were present. The children’s father GG and grandmother GS, the lawyers of the parties, bar association lawyers and association representatives from different provinces also took part in the hall.

MA, one of the defendants, whose last words were asked at the hearing, shed tears by repeating his previous statements, saying that he was slandered and that he could not speak.

The children’s grandmother, G.S, said, “I hope you don’t talk again.” Upon his words, MA said, “You did all these. You made my children sick. These are all your slander and lies.” said.

Defendant RA and SCG denied the charges in their defense.

During the defense of the defendant’s lawyer, İbrahim Şimşek, there was a debate over the objection of Yusuf Tuğbay, the lawyer of the victims’ children. The defendant’s lawyer said to the victim’s lawyer, “You have been interrupting our defense from the beginning, shut up!” The president of the court warned the parties not to argue again and not to interfere with the defense.

Father GG stated that the children are under trauma both physically and spiritually and that he is looking forward to the day they will be reunited with their children. said.

Grandmother GS also said that the 6-year-old child explained the abuse in all its details, that the children did not want to meet with the mother, and demanded that the accused be punished in the most severe way.

The complainant and the lawyers of the bar association demanded that the accused be punished, claiming that the children were abused.

Announcing its decision after the break, the court decided to acquit MA, stepfather RA and SCG, who were on trial for “child sexual abuse” and “torment”.

The grandmother, who applied to the Edremit Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in Balıkesir on 5 May 2020, reported that her grandchildren GEG (7) and her elder brother İ.E.G (10) in Antalya’s Finike district were sexually abused by their mother, stepfather and uncles in 2019. An investigation was initiated upon the alleged denunciation and complaint. With the indictment issued on July 24, 2020, a lawsuit was filed at the Elmalı High Criminal Court for the punishment of the defendants. At the hearing on May 21, it was decided that the defendants be tried pending trial, and the two brothers were taken under state protection.

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