WorldIn Russia, the sacred union behind Vladimir Putin

In Russia, the sacred union behind Vladimir Putin

ANALYSIS – Why has the popularity of the Russian tyrant made spectacular leaps since the start of the war in Ukraine?

Since the beginning of the war, Westerners have had a dream: that the Russian population rise up against their tyrant Vladimir Putin, the one who puts the region on fire and blood, threatens Europe and imposes on his compatriots a life of isolation and restrictions. But the signals coming from Russia shower, day after day, all their hopes as democrats incapable of looking at the Russian regime outside their Western glasses, tinged with good feelings and Cartesian rationality.

“We thought the Russians didn’t want war. But since it started, we watch a tsunami of support for Vladimir Putin», explain two experts, one working for an American think-tank in Moscow, the other for an independent Russian polling institute. Invited for a video conference at Ifri, they can only speak on condition of anonymity.

Self-isolation from Russia

The two specialists noted that the popularity of Vladimir Putin began to increase in November, when the…

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