WorldIn Odessa, civil society mobilized to support the war effort

In Odessa, civil society mobilized to support the war effort

REPORT – The defense of the great port on the Black Sea is firing on all cylinders and private initiative is filling in the gaps in military preparation wherever possible.

Special envoy to Odessa

Dmitriy’s factory is hidden at the end of a dusty, barely passable road, in an industrial area just outside Odessa. Normally, huge tanks are built there to transport gasoline or gas. But since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the company has chosen to contribute to the war effort.

This weekend, its workers fixed old KPV 14.5 mm heavy machine guns salvaged from Ukrainian army stocks, as well as ammunition boxes, on three Ford trucks lying around the port. “We put our equipment and our know-how at the service of the country, because if Putin invades Odessa, it will be too late to complain”, explains the young entrepreneur. Sunday evening, he had the three vehicles transferred to Mykolaiv, a strategic lock located a hundred kilometers further east, where the army is working to contain the progress of the Russian enemy.

This is apparently just the start. According to Aleksander Yakovenko…

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