WorldIn Kazakhstan, another explosion thundered at an ammunition depot

In Kazakhstan, another explosion thundered at an ammunition depot

A new explosion occurred at an ammunition depot in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan, KAZINFORM reports with reference to the press service of the country’s Defense Ministry.

“On October 10, 2021, at about 7.20 am, an explosive object damaged by fire was triggered on the territory of the engineering ammunition warehouse in the village of Sarykemer, Zhambyl region. There was no distant scattering of fragments and fragments as a result of the explosion. Work at that time was not carried out, people were not nearby. No damage was done to buildings and structures. The situation in the area is stable, ”the ministry’s press service commented.

The ministry noted that controlled destruction of ammunition will be carried out on the territory of the warehouse.

According to the Ministry of Defense, at present, work is underway to clean up the technical area from explosive objects, where a fire broke out on August 26.

Recall that in a military unit near the village of Kainar in the Bayzak district of the Zhambyl region, a fire broke out near one of the warehouses, followed by a series of explosions, the causes of which are being established. The death toll in the explosion in the Zhambyl region has reached 17 people. The search for one missing member of the Ministry of Defense continues to this day.

The Anadolu Agency’s website publishes in a shortened form . .(HAS).

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