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In Kabul held a “silent action” of protest against the violation of women’s rights

In the Afghan capital, Kabul, a protest was held against the restriction of women’s rights to study and work after the Taliban came to power.

About 15 women gathered at the entrance to the shopping center opposite the building of the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan.

On Friday, September 17, the Ministry of Health of Afghanistan announced that boys in the country are entitled to be educated in schools, but the department did not mention the education of girls.

Participants of the action sealed their mouths and silently unfurled posters with the words: “Do not take away my lessons and homework”, “Do not take away from women the right to study, provided by religion” training is compulsory for both men and women ”,“ Girls should go to school ”.

The organizer of the action, Farah Mustafavi, said that according to the new decree, girls will only be able to attend school until the sixth grade.

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“In addition, jobs where women could work were closed. Education is a religious and civil right of women. Neither Islam nor Allah took this right away from us, ”she said.

Participant of the action Simagul Jemali appealed to the international community with an appeal to pay attention to the topic and prevent the violation of the rights of Afghan women.

The action lasted for about 20 minutes. The protesters dispersed after warnings from the Taliban.

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