WorldIn Iraq, a day of silence before parliamentary elections

In Iraq, a day of silence before parliamentary elections

Parliamentary elections in Iraq will be held on Sunday, October 10 amid a protracted political and economic crisis in the country.

Voting to the highest legislative body of the republic will be the fifth since the period of the US occupation of Iraq in 2003.

3,249 candidates from 167 political forces are fighting for the parliamentary seats. Among the candidates, 951 are women.

789 people are running as independent candidates.

Polling stations will open at 07:00 and close at 18:00 local time.

The election results are expected to be announced within 24 hours.

On Friday, security forces, internally displaced persons and prisoners voted in a “special vote” in the elections.

The Iraqi High Election Commission said the vote was 69 percent.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi noted that the special vote could be a start and a good opportunity before the general vote.

The Al-Fatih (Winner) Alliance, led by Hadi Amiri, a former minister and leader of the Badr organization close to Iran, is running as the largest Shiite political force in the elections.

The Davlat al-Qanun (State of Law) political bloc, headed by one of the former prime ministers, Nuri Maliki, is another Shiite structure running in the elections.

The National State Forces coalition, formed under the leadership of Shia political and religious leader Ammar Al-Hakim and former Prime Minister Haidar Al-Ibadi, also figured in the elections as the third Shia political structure.

Also, the Shiites in the elections will be represented by a large bloc “Sadr Group” associated with the leader of the Sadr movement Muqtada Sadr.

Sunnis are preparing for elections in two separate electoral coalitions.

The first is the Al-Takaddum (Progress) Coalition, led by Parliamentary Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbusi, and the second is the Al-Azim Coalition, led by Sunni businessman and politician Khamis Al-Khancher.

The Democratic Party of Kurdistan, one of the leading parties in the Kurdish political movement, participates in the elections alone.

The second strongest Kurdish party, the Kurdish Patriotic Union, decided to participate in the elections with a bloc with the Goran movement.

Turkmen are participating in the October 10 elections, joining in a single electoral union with the participation of all political parties in Kirkuk.

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