IndiaIn 3 years, a pond of 10 bighas was dug alone, know...

In 3 years, a pond of 10 bighas was dug alone, know the wonderful story of ‘Manjhi’ of Bundelkhand

Pankaj Mishra, Hamirpur: In Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh, a saint single-handedly excavated a dry ancient pond for three years and it has become the manjhi of Bundelkhand. By continuously using shovels, it has changed the appearance of the pond, due to which now the pond remains full of water for the whole year. The needs of the people of the village are also being fulfilled by this pond. That is why this saint has also got respect from the government.

In Pachkhura elders village of Sumerpur police station area of ​​Hamirpur district, an elderly saint has done a great job to change the appearance of ancient ponds. A pond is situated in this village in an area of ​​10 bighas. This pond is also hundreds of years old, which is also famous by the name Kalaran Dai. As the pond was never excavated, it was transformed into a field. According to the people of the village, once upon a time this pond was filled with water for the whole year. But for the last few decades, dust was flying in this ancient pond.

During the winter season, the youth of the village used to make this dry pond as cricket flour, due to which the pond had also disappeared from the map. But no one came forward regarding the plight of the pond. Due to the transformation of the pond into a field, there was a water crisis in front of the villagers and cattle. In this village, there was a crisis for many years regarding water during the summer season, but Krishna Nand Maharaj of the village took this crisis as a challenge and used shovels, then within three years the appearance of the pond changed.

The saint used shovels for years to dig the pond
Sant Krishna Nand Maharaj, a resident of Pachkhura Buzurg village, took sanyas in the year 1982. In 1986, in the Kumbh Mela held in Haridwar itself, he took Gurudakshina from Maha Mandaleshwar Swami Parmanand Giri Maharaj and gathered there. In the year 2014, he returned to the village from Haridwar and made Ramjanaki temple of the village his refuge. Seeing the plight of the ancient pond near the temple, he took a big decision and picked up a shovel in the year 2015 and started digging the pond alone. After excavating the dry pond for three consecutive years, this saint of the village has dug more than three thousand trolley soils from the bottom of the pond and converted it into a pond again.

Sant Krishna Nand Maharaj has now become a manjhi of Bundelkhand
Today everyone is saluting the spirit of social service of Sant Krishna Nand Maharaj. After excavating the dry pond within three years and bringing it to its old form, the villagers now call them the Manjhi of Bundelkhand. Last year this pond has been filled with water during the summer season. This time seeing the water receding in the pond, the saint again raised his shovels. Since last January, they have been digging continuously in the beach pond with a shovel. Due to which the possibilities of drying it out in the scorching heat have now ended. All the villagers including Indal Singh of the village told that this pond is hundreds of years old, which had ceased to exist. But within three years, Baba Krishna Nand Maharaj has changed the appearance of the pond by using his own shovels on his own.

Voluntary organizations and honorable people have also respected the saint
Sant Krishna Nand Maharaj told today that everyone should come forward to preserve the ancient heritage and pond. Told that in the year 2016, the then Minister of State, Rajkumari Kushwaha, came to the village and honored him by giving him a prize of twenty thousand rupees, while Meenakshi Arora of Dehradun also came to the village and honored him. The saint told that last year he was called to pay respects on a Republic Day but he could not attend the program due to some reason. The saint said that Priyanka Gandhi had also tweeted on the news of changing the appearance of the village pond. Whereas big leaders of Congress have also come to the village and paid respect.