IndiaIn 2022, government employees will lose 9 public holidays because of this

In 2022, government employees will lose 9 public holidays because of this

Thiruvananthapuram: The public holidays of 2022 and the holidays under the Negotiable Instruments Act were announced yesterday with the approval of the Cabinet meeting. Next year’s 9 public holidays are Sundays and second Saturdays. This is the first time so many public holidays are coming up these days.

9 Public holidays

Mannam Jayanti (January 2), Easter (April 17), May Day (May 1), Ayyankali Jayanti (August 28), Gandhi Jayanti (October 2) and Christmas (December 25) are on Sundays. Bakreed (July 9), Fourth Onam / Sreenarayana Gurujayanti (September 10) and Miladi Sharif (October 8) are the second Saturday.

Other holidays


Republic Day (January 26)


Shivratri (March 1)


Passover Thursday / Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti (April 14)

Good Friday / Vishu (April 15)


Eid al-Fitr (May 2)


Karkataka Vav (July 28)


Muharram – (August 8)

Independence Day (August 15)

Sri Krishna Jayanti (August 18)


First Onam (September 7)

Thiruvonam (September 8)

Third Onam (September 9)

Sree Narayana Guru Samadhi (September 21)


Mahanavami (October 4)

Vijayadashami (October 5)

Diwali (October 24)

Restricted holidays

Ayya ​​Vaikuntha Swami Jayanti (March 3) is for Nadar community only

Avani Avittam (August 8) is for Brahmins only.

Vishwakarma Day (September 17) is for the Vishwakarma community only

Negotiable Instruments Act Holidays

Republic Day (January 26), Shivratri (March 1), Commercial and Co-operative Bank Account Closing Day (April 1), Ambedkar Jayanti (April 14), Good Friday / Vishu (April 15), Eid-ul-Fitr (May 2), Independence Day ( August 15), 1st Onam (September 7), Thiruvonam (September 8), Sreenarayana Guru Samadhi (September 21), Mahanavami (October 4), Vijayadashami (October 5), Diwali (October 24)

These include Easter (April 17), May Day (May 1), Eid-ul-Adha / Bakreed (July 9), Sreenarayana Guru Jayanti (September 10), Gandhi Jayanti (October 2), Miladi Sharif (October 8) and Christmas (December 25). Sunday and the second Saturday.