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Imran’s pain spilled for PCB, ‘Cricket of the whole world is now in India’s hands’

The relationship between Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Taliban is not hidden from anyone. Imran Khan himself is very vocal about it, even if he has to bear the loss for it. On Monday, he stressed the need for the international community to engage with the Taliban. During an interview, Imran Khan also spoke on Pakistani cricket and termed BCCI as the richest cricket board in the world.

Emphasizing on the need to engage the international community with the Taliban government in Afghanistan, in an interview with Middle East Eye, Imran Khan said that 20 years of civil war has devastated the country. The Taliban government is trying to gain international approval. He said isolating Afghanistan and imposing sanctions would lead to a massive humanitarian crisis.
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Cricket of the whole world in the hands of India
On the isolated Pakistan cricket, Imran Khan said that England have let themselves down by canceling the tour with Pakistan. I think there is a feeling within England that they do them a favor by playing with countries like Pakistan. The reason is money because money is the biggest player now. For the players as well as for the cricket board. He said that the cricket board of India is the richest cricket board in the world. India has money so basically India now controls world cricket.

India has a lot of money
Imran Khan said that no one would dare to do this to India because they know that India generates a lot of money. The Pakistan Cricket Board suffered a major setback in the past when the New Zealand team canceled its tour minutes before the match. Due to the threat of terrorist attack, the team did not even come out of their room in the hotel and returned home. After this England also canceled its tour of Pakistan.


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