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Imran, Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz… Pakistan was robbed by its rulers, cleaned hands on foreign gifts

The big leaders of Pakistan are busy in building the fleet of their country going through economic crisis. Just a few days ago, the Pakistan government had refused to make public the gift received by Imran Khan from abroad. Later it was reported that gifts worth crores of these were sold by Imran for his personal gain. It is now learned that not only Imran, but Pervez Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz also did not return the gifts received from abroad.

Pakistan’s government treasury got defrauded
Pakistani media Tribune.PK said that between 1999 and 2009, Pakistan’s politicians and military generals suffered a loss of more than Rs 10 crore due to foreign gifts. Most of these cases were closed silently without informing them. These include Pervez Musharraf’s wife Sheba Musharraf, a diamond worth 60 lakh rupees from Arab countries and a necklace made of gold.

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crores loss to pakistan
During this, a total of 3286 gifts were received by the politicians of Pakistan from abroad. These include expensive items like diamonds, jewellery, gold, carpets, watches, rugs, swords, guns. The Cabinet Division of Pakistan had valued these items at only Rs 118 million. Out of which only 15 million rupees were deposited in the exchequer. In such a situation, there was a loss of more than 103 million rupees to the exchequer of Pakistan.

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Musharraf did not even make the foreign gift public
The details of gifts received by General Pervez Musharraf and former prime minister Shaukat Aziz were made public a few months back. However, till now no one knows how many gifts were suppressed by these two leaders. According to records, General Musharraf and Aziz changed the government rules regarding GIFT at least four times during their tenure. After which both of them kept more than 2000 foreign gifts for themselves without informing them.

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Changed rules related to gifts for leaders
These rules were changed so that these leaders do not have to pay any money for gifts received from abroad. General Musharraf is believed to have stopped announcing his gifts during the last three years of his presidency. Interestingly, the cabinet division does not have a record of the exact number of gifts he received.

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Shaukat Aziz then went to London with gifts
Shaukat Aziz took more than 1,126 gifts with him to London. Aziz paid only Rs 2.9 million to keep these gifts, while its actual cost was around Rs 26 million. Musharraf paid Rs 51 lakh to retain gifts worth Rs 33 million. Apart from Musharraf, former Prime Minister Farullah Khan Jamali, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain also made a lot of money from foreign gifts.