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Imran Khan yearns for Biden’s phone, after the threat, now the Pakistani PM is busy celebrating


  • Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan longs for talks with US President Joe Biden
  • After expressing displeasure against the Biden administration, Imran engaged in persuading the US President
  • For this Imran Khan is using an influential Pakistani-American in America.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has longed for talks with US President Joe Biden. After expressing his displeasure against the Biden administration several times through his close friends, Imran Khan has now started persuading the US President. For this Imran Khan is using an influential Pakistani American. This Pakistani American has been given the responsibility of calling Imran Khan of Biden.

According to the report of Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune, the Imran Khan administration is now helping this Pakistani-American. In January this year, after assuming power, Biden had called leaders from all over the world, including PM Modi, but he has not yet called the Pakistani PM. It is believed that the Biden administration is angry with the Imran Khan administration regarding the Taliban and China.
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Earlier, President Donald Trump had called the then Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif even before he was sworn in. With this stand of Biden, Imran Khan has come under tension and efforts are constantly being made to persuade the US President. Analysts believe that the Biden administration has distanced itself from Pakistan. At the same time, when Imran Khan himself was asked a question about this, he tried to downplay his frustration and said that Biden is a busy man, so he would not have called.

After this statement of Imran, now Pakistan is taking the help of an influential Pakistani-American citizen who is a friend of Biden. Earlier, Pakistan was furious for not calling Biden and started blackmailing him. Pakistan’s outspoken National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf said in a threatening manner that if the US President continues to ignore Pakistan, we have other options.
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Moeed Yusuf said in an interview given to the Financial Times, ‘US President Joe Biden has not yet spoken to Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, while how important our country is to Afghanistan. We are trying to understand the signals coming from America. Fine?’ The Pakistani NSA said, ‘We have been told that Biden will call, be it for technical reasons or something. But frankly speaking, people don’t trust anymore.

Pakistan’s National Security Advisor said, “If there is a phone call facility, if a security relationship is a facility, then Pakistan has options.” It is believed that his option was pointing towards China, in whose lap Pakistan has gone at this time. Meanwhile, the US has said that it has an important role for Pakistan in peace in Afghanistan and wants Pakistan to continue to play its important role in this.