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Imran Khan Video: ‘I will be more dangerous after resigning’, Imran Khan threatens in video

Islamabad : Pakistan’s opposition parties are continuously attacking and protesting against Pak PM Imran Khan. Many opposition parties have formed a front named PDM i.e. Pakistan Democratic Movement, under which anti-government rallies and demonstrations are being organized. The opposition parties have demanded that Imran Khan should resign from the post of Prime Minister and elections should be held in the country. Recently, Imran Khan, speaking on this in a video message, said that he will become more ‘dangerous’ after resigning.

Imran Khan on Sunday warned opposition parties that he would become even more dangerous if he was forced to step down as prime minister. Along with this, Khan refused to accept anything of the opposition. Responding to a question on the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) plan to take out a procession on March 23, Imran Khan said that this move of the opposition will fail.
Debt on Pakistan: Pakistan has become a headache for the IMF! Bangladesh has also been overtaken in debt, ‘apsons’ have exposed
‘If I come on the streets, I will not find a hiding place’
Prime Minister Imran Khan said, ‘If I come on the streets, then you (opposition) will all have no place to hide.’ He said he would become even more dangerous if he was forced to step down. The tone of Imran’s warning was threatening. After Imran Khan took over the power of Pakistan, the stars of the neighboring country have come under fire. Imran Khan has not only made Pakistan a pauper, but has put billions of dollars in debt on it.

Imran Khan is loading Pakistanis with debt
Pakistan has now become an economic slave of countries like China. The domestic and foreign debt on Pakistan has exceeded 50 thousand billion rupees. Pakistan’s own people are exposing their own poles. In the Parliament of Pakistan, the Imran Khan government had confessed that now every Pakistani now has a debt of Rs 1 lakh 75 thousand. In this, the contribution of Imran Khan’s government is Rs 54901, which is 46 percent of the total amount of the loan. This debt burden on Pakistanis has increased in the last two years. That is, when Imran took over the power of Pakistan, every citizen of the country had a debt of Rs 1,20099.