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Imran Khan tweeted ‘Statue’ of Lord Buddha, Indians said – don’t break it, Pakistanis rained


  • Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan trolled by tweeting a picture of Lord Buddha carved on the rock
  • Imran tweeted that this Buddha figure is one of the largest rock figures.
  • On this tweet of Imran Khan, a large number of Indians trolled saying that just don’t break it.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who openly supported Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, got trolled by tweeting a picture of Lord Buddha carved on the rock. Imran tweeted that this figure located in Jehanabad of Swat Valley is one of the largest rock figures of Buddha. He said that it is about 2000 years old. A large number of Indians trolled this tweet of Imran Khan and said that do not break it like your Taliban friends.

In response to Imran’s tweet, Vikas Pandey, a resident of India, tweeted and said, ‘Now just don’t break it. It is a part of your history after all. Vineet writes, ‘If this idol had been there, it would have been broken. It is not a rocky shape, so explosives will have to be used to break it, for which there is no money and Imran Khan is tweeting to raise it. Another user asked what is the point of this tweet at this time.

‘Follow Buddha’s teachings Imran Khan’
Swapnil Aggarwal wrote, ‘Good to post the rocky figure of Imran Khan Buddha. If you read Lord Buddha and follow his teachings, you can be in a better position. Lord Buddha always taught about peace and humanity. Your country is a factory for terrorists and mass murderers for the world. Go and read and follow the teachings of Buddha.’ After these tweets of Indians, Pakistanis turned red and they used a lot of abusive words.

Let us inform that the Taliban, friends of Imran Khan, had ordered the installation of explosives in the famous Buddha statue of Bamiyan located in Afghanistan. The ancient sandstone statue was once the tallest Buddha statue in the world. By destroying it, the Taliban had not only caused a huge shock to the world but also set an example for an organization like Islamic State.
Imran Khan’s pitti-pitti missing in front of General Bajwa’s door, will give approval to ISI chief
Taliban militants blew up Buddha statues with cannons
The Taliban leader Mullah Hassan, who is included in the UN terrorist list, crossed all limits of cruelty and ordered the destruction of Lord Buddha statues in Bamiyan in 2001 when the Taliban government came to power. Taliban militants blew up huge Buddha statues with cannonballs. Mulla Hassan called it his religious duty. During this time Mullah Hassan was the deputy PM and foreign minister in the Taliban government.