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Imran Khan: Then don’t go to India! The leader called Imran straight; Who is this beauty?

Own report: The country’s opposition leaders have sharply criticized Imran Khan’s speech to the nation. Miriam Nawaz, vice president of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), has said that when she loves India so much, why isn’t Imran Khan leaving for India?

Imran Khan addressed the nation on Friday after the Supreme Court overturned a no-confidence motion and a decision to dissolve parliament. There he praised India’s foreign policy. Which he has done before.

What did Imran say there?

Imran Khan said he knows India better than other politicians. He lamented the country’s RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) ideology and what is happening in Kashmir because Pakistan does not have good relations with the country. Praising India’s “independent” foreign policy, Imran said no foreign power had the courage to ask India to change its foreign policy. They will buy oil from Russia despite the sanctions on Russia, it is good for their people. However, Imran Khan said that he himself got into trouble by taking similar steps. He said he was not against anyone or any country. He puts the interests of 220 million people of Pakistan first and then sees what other countries are saying.

After Imran Khan’s speech, Maryam Nawaz wrote on Twitter that her party had sent Imran home, not anyone else. If you love India so much, why not go there? Let Pakistan be alone. Referring to India, he said that Vajpayee, who lost by just one vote, has stepped down from power and has not used the constitution of a country like yours.

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