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Imran Khan Resigned: Imran Khan’s two ministers became ‘ex’, changed bio on Twitter, has ‘the last ball’ been thrown in front of ‘captain’?

Islamabad : The sword is hanging on the chair of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is expected that a vote of no confidence can be held against him shortly after. Meanwhile, two big ministers of the Imran cabinet have changed their Twitter bio. This change of his may further increase the stir in the PTI camp. Meanwhile, Imran Khan called a cabinet meeting at 9:30 pm. It is believed that in view of the current crisis, a big decision can be taken in this meeting.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in the PTI government changed their Twitter bio on Saturday. Now in his new Twitter bio, ‘East’ can be seen written in front of the minister. This has led to speculations that Imran Khan may resign even before the vote on the no-confidence motion. However, on several occasions, Khan has said that he will fight till the last ball.
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Qureshi accuses America of ‘interference’
Qureshi said in the National Assembly on Saturday that the country will decide. I am speaking as a Pakistani not a PTI leader. Don’t put this country in a constitutional crisis. Accusing America, he said, ‘On March 5, there was a meeting in America and coincidentally on March 8, a no-confidence motion was presented against Imran Khan in Pakistan. America is directly interfering in the politics of Pakistan.

Bhutto said to the speaker – get the vote done
After Qureshi, PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto, while addressing the House, said that Imran Khan is afraid of fair elections because he will be defeated if there are fair elections. He told the speaker that you should follow the order of the Supreme Court and get the voting done and do not violate the constitution. Till the voting is not done, the opposition will not leave from here. Imran’s party PTI has filed a review petition in the Supreme Court.