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Imran Khan released the first national security policy, know what Pakistan wants with Kashmir, India

The Imran Khan government of Pakistan has issued the National Security Policy for the first time in the history of the country. In this security policy, the Imran Khan government has expressed hope for a good relationship with India. At the same time, Jammu and Kashmir has been described as a core issue in bilateral relations. In the security policy, Pakistan has also said that Hindutva-based politics is a cause of concern for the security of Pakistan and is affecting it.

India and Kashmir have been mentioned many times in this security policy. Pakistan said that it will continue to be the cornerstone of our bilateral relations till there is a just and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue. The document also emphasizes on maintaining good relations with China. It has described the China Pakistan Economic Corridor as a project of national importance for Pakistan.
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Pakistan also wants to make good relations with Russia
The Imran Khan government also wants to build good relations with India’s friend Russia. Pakistan said that it has a long history of cooperation with the US. Pakistan does not want to be a part of the politics of any camp. It has been said in the security policy that Pakistan wants to have comprehensive relations with America. The 100-page National Security Policy emphasizes on increasing trade and business with India. Much of this national security policy has been kept confidential.

Pakistan has made this national security policy from the year 2022 to 2026. It emphasizes on increasing two-way trade and investment with India and other neighboring countries. At the same time, emphasis has been laid on strengthening the economic security of Pakistan. Recently, an official associated with the national security policy had told the Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune, ‘We will not hate India for the next 100 years. This new policy emphasizes on peace with neighboring countries. He said that if there is dialogue and progress on this issue, then there is a possibility that trade and business relations with India can return to normal as before.

‘No chance of reconciliation with India under Modi government’
The Pakistani official also said that there is no possibility of reconciliation with India under the current Modi government in New Delhi. Pakistan PM Imran Khan will launch the new national security policy on Friday. Pakistan will make public only one part of its national security policy, the rest will be kept confidential. The Pakistan Army has played an important role in making this security policy. Meanwhile, it is believed that the opposition can create a ruckus on the new national security policy.

Meanwhile, former Ambassador of Pakistan to India, Abdul Basit has made a big attack on the Imran Khan government by tweeting. Abdul Basit tweeted that whether Pakistan’s national security policy should suggest dialogue and trade with India, that too when India is not ready to compromise on Kashmir. I would like to say that this would be a big mistake. He said that this can weaken Pakistan’s Kashmir policy.