WorldImran Khan: Afghanistan Breaks Slavery; Imran is next to the Taliban

Imran Khan: Afghanistan Breaks Slavery; Imran is next to the Taliban

Own report: Imran Khan has been soft on the Taliban from the beginning. Eventually, in the final stages of the Taliban’s Afghanistan-aggression, Imran and Pakistan were clearly seen to be on the side of the Taliban.

After the capture of Kabul on Sunday, it became clear that the Taliban would seize power in Afghanistan by defeating the Afghan government. On the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that Afghans had broken the shackles of slavery.

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However, Imran did not say this directly. Imran spoke on English medium education on Monday. In that speech, he brought up the issue of Afghanistan. Imran said, many people have fun mastering the manners of other cultures. But remember, putting another’s culture on one’s neck is a kind of mental slavery. This mental slavery is more painful than physical slavery. This chain of slavery needs to be broken. That is what is happening in Afghanistan.

In the wake of Imran Khan’s remarks, experts on international relations said that China and Pakistan have been helping the Taliban for so long with logistical weapons. A few days ago, Taliban representatives met with top officials of the Chinese administration. Pictures of Pakistani leaders greeting Taliban leaders during talks in Doha also went viral. China and Pakistan’s long-standing Taliban-yoga has become stronger. That picture became clearer after Imran’s speech. Pakistan practically accepted the Taliban administration.

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