India'I'm so beautiful in that role'; The model said that her...

‘I’m so beautiful in that role’; The model said that her friend was excluded from the marriage

BERLIN: It’s natural to be disappointed if you are not invited to a close friend’s wedding. But the grief of knowing that the friend who even picked up the dress to wear on the wedding day was avoided at the last minute is indescribable. Now a model has come to the scene with the argument that such a friend was excluded from the marriage at the last minute. They say that it was put aside because of the increased beauty.

The dress was selected by the newlyweds

Photo Credit: alenayildiz / instagram

Alina, a German model, says that her boyfriend dropped her out of the dress she bought to wear on her wedding day because she was too beautiful. Alina says that this dress was selected for her by the newlyweds. With this, the rift between their friendship started.

Do not come to the wedding

Photo Credit: alenayildiz / instagram

The bride-to-be told the model not to come to the wedding as she was skeptical that Alina would shine in her new dress on her wedding day. The young woman shared her grief through Tick Tock. Alina Tick Tock said that the name was removed from the list of guests invited to the wedding by a friend. The post soon went viral.

‘I thought I was so beautiful’

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“My best friend did not invite me to her wedding because she thought I was so beautiful when she wore the dress she chose for me,” Alina told followers on the Tic Tac Toe post. Alina then shared some pictures with it.

I do not understand why

Photo Credit: alenayildiz / instagram

Alina also reacted further in the comment section after the post went viral. Alina says that her friend chose the dress herself and she does not understand why she doubts that she will shine in that dress. Many people came to the scene in response to their post.

Social media with response

Photo Credit: alenayildiz/ instagram

‘As your friend, she wants you to look beautiful. If she is confident, she will not feel intimidated by her own marriage. This is very sad, ‘said one comment. “The friend’s chose the dress, so the response was that instead of excluding you from the wedding, they would ask you to wear a different dress.