IndiaIgnores Jaleel's allegations; Not to mention: Kunhalikutty

Ignores Jaleel’s allegations; Not to mention: Kunhalikutty


  • It is enough to keep on chanting
  • Ignoring Jaleel’s allegation
  • Nothing more to say

Kochi: PK Kunhalikutty responded to former minister KT Jaleel who had leveled serious allegations against the Muslim League in the Malappuram A Aur Nagar Bank scam. Kunhalikutty said that people who make certain allegations should be ignored continuously.

“Jalil’s allegations are being ignored. Some of the ongoing allegations need to be continuously ignored. Nothing more can be said.” Kunhalikutty said.

Jaleel had alleged that Abdul Qadir Moulavi, a Muslim League leader and state vice-president who died in Kannur, was the first martyr of the bank scam. Moulavi was shocked to learn that he had an investment of Rs 2 crore in his name. Jalil alleged that he did not think that the investment and sale of Rs 2 crore had taken place with the consent of Moulavi.

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Inquiry into the matter will naturally occur. Moulavi feared an inquiry. Until Moulavi’s death, Kunhalikutty called three or four times a day. Jalil said he was called to comfort him. The money went from Moulavi’s account to Ammushree’s account. Jalil said that Ammushree was not a woman but a fake account.

VK Abdul Khader Moulavi is the first martyr of AR Nagar Bank scam: KT Jalil
Former ministers and ordinary Muslim League leaders have accounts and black money deposits in AR Nagar Bank. The League’s Constituency Committee and about 100 small committees have deposits in the bank. Jalil said they would be released. Jalil said action would be taken after the stay move on October 8.

However, MK Muneer had said that the allegations made by Jalil were baseless and that he was trying to make even his death a mystery. K Muraleedharan’s response was that KT Jaleel had lost his balance and that what came out of Jaleel’s mouth should be seen as the imagination of a man drowning in corruption.

Jalil had linked the death of Muslim League state vice-president VK Abdul Khader Moulavi to the Aar Nagar Bank scam. Jaleel had alleged that Abdul Qadir Moulavi was the first martyr of the huge black money deposit made by PK Kunhalikutty and his gang in AR Nagar Bank.

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