IndiaIf you open Facebook, you have to hit the boss in the...

If you open Facebook, you have to hit the boss in the face, the salary is Rs 600; The young woman became a businessman


  • Manish Sethi says productivity has increased
  • Supported by Elon Musk
  • The news went viral again

New York: The move of a businessman who found a new way to avoid wasting time opening Facebook during office work has gone viral. Manish Sethi, an Indian-American businessman, hires an employee to slap him in the face whenever he picks up Facebook while in office.

Manish Sethi is the founder of Pavlock, a company that makes wearable electronics in the US. The thought that he was wasting office time listening to Facebook prompted Maneesh to look for a different path. Manish Sethi says he spends six hours a day on Facebook and Reddit. So the employee’s job is to look at her computer screen all the time. Manish Sethi has instructed his employee to slap him in the face whenever he picks up Facebook on his computer. The woman’s salary is eight dollars (about 600 rupees) per hour.

Manish Sethi said that previously the productivity of his job was 35 to 40 per cent and with the new move it has increased to 98 per cent. His argument was that slapping strangers in the face is very beneficial. Manish Sethi clarified in his blog post that this change is with the arrival of a new employee named Kera. Kera was hired out of 20 people who applied for the job.

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Nine years after the appointment, it went viral again nine years later because of US billionaire and businessman Elon Musk. Elon Musk was making headlines again with two emojis he shared. The news was recently shared on a Twitter handle by the US media outlet Senate in 2012. This was supported by Elon Musk using Fire Emoji. With this, the news and the picture of the employee slapping Sethi in the face again surfaced on the internet.

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Sethi also realizes that she is not the only one wasting time using social media at work. His company has also released wearable devices to deter people from using social media in the office. The unique feature of these devices is that they behave in a special way to repel bad habits and encourage good habits.

Elon Musk has spoken out against Facebook before. Musk, who campaigned for the deletion of Facebook three years ago, also deleted his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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