India'If you have the courage, come to Rae Bareli and compete against...

‘If you have the courage, come to Rae Bareli and compete against me’; Aditi Singh challenges Priyanka Gandhi


  • Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections
  • Aditi Singh challenges Priyanka Gandhi
  • Priyanka Gandhi was invited to contest in Rae Bareli.

Lucknow: Former Congress MLA and current BJP candidate Aditi Singh has challenged Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi to contest the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections in Rae Bareli. Rae Bareli is no longer the stronghold of the Congress. Despite successive victories of Congress leaders, they have not looked back at the constituency. “People in the constituency are against the Congress,” Aditi told

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I think the lotus will bloom this time in Rae Bareli. My father, Achilles Kumar Singh, came to the Assembly from Rae Bareli five times. The people here have stood by me since his death in 2019. The father has won five times as a result of his work for the people. Continuing my father’s style, I said I was still ready to serve the people.

The Congress has no sympathy for Rahul Gandhi’s old constituency of Amethi and Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s constituency of Rae Bareli, which is part of the Lok Sabha constituency. Leaders including Sonia Gandhi do not reach constituencies. The Congress leadership is looking down on the people. In this case, the Congress would be embarrassed to ask for another vote. Aditi Singh also alleged that people in the constituency were frustrated.

Singh said he was confident the BJP would win its maiden victory in Rae Bareli this time. The new history of the BJP will be written on March 10 in Rae Bareli. Aditi Singh added that he was very excited to represent the BJP this time. They accused the Congress of losing popular support not only in Rae Bareli but also in Amethi.

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UP Congress spokesperson Anshu Awasthi said Rae Bareli was like a home for the Gandhi family.
The people of Rae Bareli are like their families. Every family in Rae Bareli is connected not only politically but also emotionally to the Gandhi family. He added that Priyanka has taken over the responsibility of the election campaign from Sonia Gandhi.

Anshu Awasthi said that if Priyanka decides to contest in Rae Bareli, victory is assured. He said that no matter what anyone says, everyone knows about the Gandhi family’s connection with Rae Bareli.

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