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If the train was late by a minute, the driver was fined Rs 36, arguing that the driver imposed a damages of 14 lakhs on the company itself, know the whole matter

Trains in Japan are world famous for their punctuality. If the train arrives early on the platform, the company apologizes in writing to the passengers. If the train is late even by five minutes, the company gives a certificate to the passengers, which they can show at their home or office and avoid scolding.

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A train in Japan was delayed by a minute because of the driver. After this, the driver was fined 56 yen i.e. about 36 Indian rupees. Later, the driver has sued the company for 22 lakh yen i.e. about 14 lakh rupees in return for this fine.

Actually, due to this driver, the train was late by a minute. 56 yen was deducted from the salary of the driver who caused the delay in running the train. Now that driver has sued the company. Due to this driver a train was delayed by one minute, due to which he was fined.

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In June last year, train company JR West fined one of its drivers for causing delays. The driver says that the whole experience was mentally torture for him, so he has sought 2.2 million yen in damages.

According to media reports, this driver was supposed to take an empty train from Okayama station in the south of the country, but he reached the wrong platform while the train was waiting for him on another platform. When this driver realized his mistake, he ran to the right place. Due to this, he was late by two minutes in taking work from the previous driver. Due to this the train left one minute late and reached the depot one minute late.

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Train company JR West initially fined the driver 85 yen, but after the driver complained to the Okayama Labor Standards Inspection Office, the company reduced the fine to 56 yen. Not Accepted Fine The driver refused to accept this decision to deduct the fine.

He says that the delay in the departure of the train had no effect on the general traffic and no passenger was harmed if the train was empty. On the other hand, the company says that it has taken the decision under the ‘no work, no pay’ policy which is to remain absent from work without informing.

If no work was done during that one minute, the driver was fined. The driver filed a lawsuit in March in Okayama District Court, where he is now seeking damages. Japan’s trains are world famous for their punctuality. The condition of punctuality is that in 2017, when a train arrived 20 seconds early, the company had apologized to the customers in writing. The rule is that if the train is late by five minutes, then the passengers get a certificate which they can show in the office as proof of their lateness.