IndiaIf the quota has to be increased, then why not remember the...

If the quota has to be increased, then why not remember the caste

Ved Pratap Vaidik

There is a fiercely unconstitutional campaign going on in India and no party or leader has the guts to oppose it. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and leaders of other major parties approached Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a request to conduct caste census across the country. Modi listened carefully to everyone, but did not say anything to them. Somebody should ask the supporters of caste census that where is it written in the Constitution of India that castes should be counted or castes should be given reservation. In Article 46 of the Constitution, it has been written to give special encouragement to those sections, who are weak in educational and economic terms.

forced schedule

The name of any caste is not mentioned in the constitution. The word ‘Scheduled Caste’ has definitely been used, but can someone tell whether there is any caste called ‘Scheduled’ in the country? The word ‘Scheduled’ is a new coin. This was the compulsion of the framers of the constitution. He did not have authentic figures of the illiterate and poor of the country. Therefore, in the absence of accurate data, he made a bulk schedule of all those castes, even if those combined people were well educated like Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and rich people like Jagjivan Ram.

In 1955, Kaka Kalekar, chairman of the Backward Commission, had written in his report to the President that it was impossible to decide backwardness on the basis of caste. Regarding reservation, he wrote that the solutions suggested by us are worse than the disease. Due to this process, instead of getting special opportunities to crores of illiterate and poor, a handful of people of this class got reservation in few hundred government jobs. Now the demand for caste census, the real purpose of this is that the 50 percent limit of reservation in government jobs should be increased somehow.

Opposition got first victory on caste census? Or Modi played the trump card in front of Nitish-Tejashwi!

Whatever the Supreme Court has said to give 50 percent reservation, it has been said for the backward classes. So the backward classes must be counted! Where did caste come from in that? Reservation must be given for any family which is uneducated and having low income. Its basis is not birth, it is needed. If there is a family of so called upper caste and they are deprived of common facilities then they must be given reservation, but if someone belongs to so called low caste and is rich and well educated then why should they be given reservation?

How many people will benefit by giving reservation in government jobs? If we want to do justice to crores of our backward brothers and sisters, why not give them 70-80% reservation in education and medicine? If they get free education and medical care, they will not be at your mercy for jobs. They will get jobs, do business and make India powerful on the basis of their merit.

Caste Census

If caste census is done then it can prove to be very fatal for Indian democracy. Dr. Ambedkar and Dr. Lohia took the initiative to eradicate casteism, its poison will spread to every particle of the country. The dream of an egalitarian society will be destroyed. 74 years of modernity will be washed away. The discrimination of high and low among the children of the country will be at home. Hatred for each other will increase. If caste parochialism will be strong then the people of backward castes will have to live like deprived and oppressed in every non-government sector. Let us remember this statement of Dr. Lohia that ‘The biggest reason for the decline of India is the caste system.’

The national consciousness will be dominated by the caste consciousness in the country. Our leaders have to scavenge bulk votes in the name of their castes. For them the chair is Brahma. Everything else is false. Now the provincial elections are on the head. All parties are salivating for bulk votes. Elections will come and go, but they will leave deep caste wounds.

The purpose of upliftment of OBCs will be met by caste census or all the parties of Bihar united for some different reason

These caste wounds will pus the national unity. National unity is the highest thing, but ethnicity is such a terrible thing that it can break even religious unity to pieces. In the name of religion, India was divided into two in 1947. Now how many pieces will there be in the name of castes?

Somewhere savarna, somewhere avarna

There are about 20 thousand castes and sub-castes among Hindus. If their gotra, surname, clan, tribes etc. are counted, then their number becomes about 50 lakhs. There is no caste in Islam, but the Muslims of India are also victims of casteism. Our Sikhs and Christians are also not free from this. Apart from this, caste census cannot be done in the true sense, because the caste which is savarna in one province is the same as avarna in another province. Some classes who call themselves Brahmins, Rajputs and Vaishyas are also yearning that they should also be included in the backward classes. So that they too can clean their hands on the reservation ravadis.

It would be better if the Modi government sticks to its call. In 2010, on the request of ‘Meri Jati Hindustani Andolan’, the Manmohan-Sonia government had stopped the caste census midway. Not only this, when the Modi government came in 2014, the data collected was also not allowed to be published. He will still have to display the same persistence. She has to tell her partymen that she will not allow Hindutva’s notion of national unity to be shattered and to tell the Congressmen that just as Gandhi and Nehru had stopped the caste census from the British government in 1931, they still consider it unfair. understand. The Congress celebrated ‘Census Boycott Day’ on 11 January 1931. Why is he silent on this issue now?

(The author is the originator of the ‘Meri Jati Hindustani’ movement)

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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