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‘If the meeting is to shoehorn, let it happen’; Feroz Kunnumparambil against AV Gopinath


  • Mock against AV Gopinath
  • Criticism of greed for power
  • The need to pass on to the next generation

Kochi: Feroz Kunnumparambil with harsh criticism against AV Gopinath who left the Congress. Feroz came out against Gopinath’s remark that Pinarayi Vijayan is a shy leader and proud if he has to wear his shoes.

In Congress, power is mandatory. Ready to shoehorn at the other party. You’re a real spit fire. You have been an MLA for 50 years. Became DCC president. Many times he became the panchayat president. You got all the good fortune to get through this party. The next generation needs to give way and evacuate for the sake of others.

AV Gopinath’s decision is welcome; The CPM wants Congress leaders to be role models
AV Gopinath made the reference at a press conference called to announce that the Congress was leaving.

Pinarayi Vijayan is a supreme leader. Gopinath’s reference was.

However, AV Gopinath’s resignation was announced in the context of the particular political situation in Palakkad. Gopi had discussed the matter with me. Be on my side, ”said KPCC President K Sudhakaran.

The situation created by AV Gopinathan to say that he is ready to lick Pinarayi Vijayan’s shoes is wrong. Sudhakaran said that this should not have been said about Anil Akkara senior leader Gopinath.

The CPM welcomed the decision of AV Gopinath to resign from the Congress. It is understood that many more Congress leaders will follow Gopinath’s example of making the most timely decision. The CPM Palakkad district committee clarified in a press release.

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AV Gopinath’s resignation comes amid a public battle between A and I group leaders and the KPCC leadership over the DCC list. Former Peringottukurushi panchayat president Gopinath Alathur was the MLA.

Gopinath resigned as a primary member of the Congress as part of leaving the party. Gopinath announced the decision at a press conference in his hometown of Peringottukurussi. Gopinath said he had laid down his life for the Congress but was repeating events that had left his mind paralyzed by the party. With this, Gopinath said that he wants to end the hopeless journey. Gopinath did not elaborate on his future plans.

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