IndiaIf the flight is long distance, what does PM Modi do, posted...

If the flight is long distance, what does PM Modi do, posted the picture himself

New Delhi
PM Modi has frequent visits outside. During this, many hours have to be spent on the flight. Now you must be thinking that how the PM would be using this time. PM Modi himself has tweeted and told how he uses this time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left for his three-day visit to America. This tour is being considered very important. This will be the first time that Prime Minister Modi will meet Biden for the first time after electing the new US President. PM Modi himself was also very excited about this visit. He also informed about this by tweeting before leaving.

viral picture on social media
PM Modi has posted a picture which is going viral on social media. In this picture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen carrying a bundle of files. Along with the files, PM Narendra Modi is also seen taking a pen and writing something on the paper. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also written a caption along with this picture.

Long distance flight, so what to do
PM Modi has written that when your flight is long distance, then you can use that time to complete your paperwork. Many people are giving opinion on this caption of the Prime Minister. Some people say that we already do this. Some people are also talking about applying this advice in their life.

PM Modi on US tour
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday urged the global community to facilitate international travel by mutually recognizing the certificates of vaccines, emphasizing on addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy.A global conference on COVID-19 In his digital address, the Prime Minister said that India is expanding its existing capacity to produce vaccines and will then restore the supply of vaccines to other countries.