SportsFootballIf only Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi had scored that goal !! ...

If only Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi had scored that goal !! Wow when this player won !!


  • Klopp says Salah’s goal is world class
  • Salah is in the same position as Messi and Cristiano
  • The classic fight in the Premier League ended in a draw

If that goal had been scored by Lionel Messi for Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone in the world would have hailed it as a world-class goal – said Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp. Klopp shared his frustration that Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah’s goal in the Premier League against Manchester City was not properly discussed.

Salah put Liverpool ahead in the 76th minute, with both teams level on goals scored. The goal has become one of the best goals of the season, with Salah defending the ball one by one as he penetrated the ball through the right wing.
This is not the first time Salah has scored in this way. Salah also dribbled against Italian club Napoli. The dribbling was the same in both goals, with only a small difference in finish, Klopp recalled.

In the last few days, when Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo scored goals, there was a lot of discussion. Messi’s first goal for PSG was against Manchester City in the Champions League. Messi finished with the ball bouncing off the half line. It was celebrated as Messi’s first goal at the Paris Club. Cristiano’s last – minute goal against Villarreal in the Champions League the next day was also discussed.

Messi smashes PSG City with super goal, Liverpool loses to Real Madrid

Cristiano’s jubilant performance went viral as he pulled on his shorts and showed off his muscle. The shirt that Cristiano threw away did not fall to the ground and was applauded until Nokia’s intervention.
However, Klopp says the world of football is not accepting Mohamed Salah’s goal in the Premier League classic.

The Liverpool-City match ended 2-2 in the Premier League on Sunday. Liverpool are second with 15 points from seven games. City are third with 14 points. Chelsea are top with 16 points. Tottenham Hotspur beat Astonville 2-1 and Brentford beat West Ham 2-1. Crystal Palace 2-2 Leicester City draw.

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