If no one came to play with the child, then he did...

If no one came to play with the child, then he did such a jugaad with stone, then the swing started swinging with fun – watch video

If no one came to play with the child, then he did the jugaad with the stone

Playing and playing for children is their biggest pleasure. Whether it is a playground or home, it is necessary for the child to play everywhere. At home, many times children have to play alone, there are some games that you can play alone while staying at home, but if you want to play in the field or somewhere outside, then you definitely need some partner. Will have. But, in the video which is now going viral on social media, it is shown that when a small child could not find any partner to play, he himself made such a jugaad that he enjoyed the game without any partner.

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After watching the video, you will also understand that you do not need anyone to be happy, but you can find a reason to be happy alone. This video going viral has been shared on Twitter by a user named @NagpurKaRajini. It is written in the caption along with the video – Arrange your own happiness.

Watch Video:

In this short 31-second video, you can see that many children are swinging in the field. There is also a child among them who wants to swing on the see-saw swing, but there is no partner to swing with him. But, the child does not get depressed and puts the stone on one side of the swing with his mind and sits himself on the other side and then starts swinging with pleasure.

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