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I will not reject all the youth who are sincere to the party for the mistakes made by some: P Jayarajan


  • The campaign is in the name of those who were expelled from the party
  • The party deals with the politics of the working class
  • Accusation that false propaganda does not end

Kannur: CPM state committee member P Jayarajan said that it is not possible to deny all the youths who are sincere to the party for the mistakes they have made with the party. Jayarajan said the party was now campaigning against the CPM in the name of people who were expelled from the party three years ago.

Jayarajan said that the false propaganda of the opponents against the CPI (M), who came forward to isolate some of the quotation / money mafia and mobilize the people against such groups, was not over. Unlike other parties, the CPI (M) is a party that responds to all wrongdoings that society cannot accept. That is what the party took up following the Karipur gold smuggling case. Some insist that the party should have three-pronged knowledge. Moreover, they are trying to hunt down the CPI (M)’s past.

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The party deals with the politics of the working class. That is why corporate interests have always taken a strong stand against the party. Political opponents have tried to attack the party not only ideologically but also physically. It is a party that has mobilized and resisted the people at all such stages.

Even during the undivided Communist Party, such resistance was spearheaded from the forefront.
Some of those who resisted at the time were later publicly denounced by the Undivided Party for their wrongdoing. Some people are forgetting all that. Even after the formation of the CPI (M), the right wing media has spread rumors against the CPI (M) in the name of resisting the sports attacks of the Congress and the RSS. The CPI (M) is not ready to deny the past to get coverage in the right-wing media.

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Some ask why you did not deny the wrongdoing three years ago. The answer is no. Some are ready to blame all those who use the sickle hammer star as locket as quotation groups. The CPI (M) is a party of lakhs of young people who are trying to keep the party like the apple of their eye. The party is not ready to dismiss all the youths who are sincere to the party for the wrong done by a handful of people with that party. The anti-CPI (M) campaign is now in the name of such people who left the organization three or four years ago. The CPI (M) is the party that took a stand against the Blade Mafia operation years ago.

The Congress / RSS leadership, on the other hand, is taking a stand in defense of the Quotations groups. Together, they are blaming the CPI (M) in Kannur district for the nonsense of party villages and so on. Some friends have also come forward to seize the opportunity and gain media attention. Of course people will recognize all these things, he said in a Facebook post.

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