World'I see this match as the breaking point of some things'

‘I see this match as the breaking point of some things’

Speaking at the press conference held after the match, Çakır emphasized that they needed a victory a lot.

Reminding that the negativities overlapped, Çakır said, “It was very important for us to come back from 1-0 and win in this match. I see this match as a breaking point for some things. It is not easy to come back after 1-0, even after psychological exhaustion. It was very important. We had different emotions, we were very happy. We still have a chance, we will try to push our luck. There is no need to talk about the past. It was a difficult game, but the important thing was three points. We have two more games in a month. We will push our luck until the last moment. ” said.

National goalkeeper, “You had a pass before Burak Yılmaz’s penalty. Can you tell us about that moment and how you felt when the referee went to VAR?” To this question, he replied:

“I think we felt that tension as a whole country. We were very happy. It was really important. It was very important to push our luck to the fullest. Our country trusts us and we want not to let them down. We were very happy in the locker room. I hope luck will be on our side in both games. and there is a new structure. Before Golden, there was an intermediate ball, I sensed it early, I wanted to hit the ball towards Burak Ağabey. Burak Ağabey also took a very good lead, took a very good penalty. I was sure it would be a penalty, it was seen. The referee also told VAR. When he left, those moments did not pass. We will push our luck until the last moment.”

Uğurcan Çakır, a Latvian journalist, “Do you think you got a deserved win?” He answered the question as follows:

“In the goal we conceded, the midfield had a very good pass before the position, behind the defense. Then he turned it inside, Merih scored his own goal. We conceded a good goal with the start of the position. We are very happy to come from 1-0 and win with a last minute penalty. “We could have played better, but my friends did not quit the game until the last moment. Even Cengiz’s shot was very well done by the goalkeeper, we could have snatched the game there. A goal was scored at the last minute. We are very happy.”

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