IndiaI have proof; There will be problems between the states: Sabu

I have proof; There will be problems between the states: Sabu


  • The company was able to identify only 152 people
  • Only 13 of those arrested were convicted
  • Sabu said that innocent people were arrested

Kochi: Kitesk MD Sabu M Jacob has said that those arrested in the incident where the employees of Kitex attacked the police and set the vehicles on fire are innocent. Of the 164 people taken into police custody, only 152 were identified, Sabu said.

Although the incident was coincidental, Sabu demanded an inquiry into why the clash took place. Police say 164 people were taken into custody in the incident. Police claim that all the accused. Of these, we have been able to identify only 152. The rest have to find out where they are from. Sabu also alleged that only Hindi people were taken away instead of Malayalees.

Kitex clash: Sreenijan calls for stern action; Sabu said it was a coincidence
Only 13 of those arrested were convicted. The government is trying to eliminate Kitex and Twenty20. Fewer than 40 people attended the event. Do not assume that the states of the accused arrested by the police will sit idle. Defendants were arrested from 10 states. Sabu said Kitex would provide legal assistance to those arrested.

Conflict during Christmas celebrations; Kitex workers set fire to two police vehicles
How did the police find out that the accused were from 10, 11 and 12 quarters? There is suspicion in the police action. Kitex will not provide legal assistance to the 23 people found guilty. He is ready to provide necessary treatment to the injured policemen. Ten more convicts will now be handed over to the police. The detainees were immediately searched to find out what drugs were being used. Sabu also alleged that the police had failed to do so.

Meanwhile, Sabu Jacob openly attacked Benny Bahnan. Sabu challenged him to file a case against him if he had the courage to obey the law. All 140 MLAs in the state are besieging and attacking. Sabu said the issue of Sreenijan, other MLAs and the government would end if Twenty20 was stopped.

It costs nothing .. This is the first time such a Christmas tree