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‘I do not disagree with Pinarayi, I see the Paranari phrase as political’; NK Premachandran says no one can say what tomorrow will bring

The RSP came out in protest of the Congress’ leadership’s differences in the UDF. As leaders sharply criticized the Congress’ approach, the debate over whether to leave the party was intensified. But the RSP leadership had made it clear yesterday that they would not leave the front. NK Premachandran has made it clear that he cannot predict what will happen in the future in politics now. NK Premachandran also commented on his relationship with Pinarayi Vijayan in an interview with Manorama News.

‘No one can say what tomorrow will bring’

Responding to a question on the LDF convener’s response to the RSP’s front entry, NK Premachandran said he could not predict what would happen in politics in the future. He cooperated with the Congress under special circumstances. No one can say what tomorrow will bring. Citing the example of Bengal, he said that if the BJP becomes strong in Kerala tomorrow, the Congress and the CPM will not unite. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat the UDF.

‘I’m never been a hindrance’

NK Premachandran said he would never have bothered to say what he had to say to those who believed that the RSP would have already left the UDF had it not been for the Premachandran component. He said they left the front in 2014 in protest of the LDF’s neglect. Premachandran told Manorama that the protest against the LDF was many times greater than the protest against the UDF today.

Congress needs to correct

RSP leader and MP NK Premachandran said the Congress should change its attitude towards the constituent parties. He added that not only the defeat in the Assembly elections but also the problems in the local elections persisted. Premachandran also alleged that in some places they were given seats and kept the Rebel candidate in an official environment. He said he hoped all the issues would be discussed during the talks on September 6.

There has never been a rift with Pinarayi

In an interview, Premachandran Manorama said that there was no such alienation from Pinarayi Vijayan during the 2014 elections. The RSP leader said that he saw the practice as political then and now and that there was no personal hatred or animosity. He added that Pinarayi had called him when he was in hospital in Delhi.

‘I thought you weren’t going’

Premachandran says that Pinarayi’s statement is seen only as political and the reason for the provocative response may be the impression that I will not go even if everyone leaves. “They did not think I would be the UDF candidate against the LDF. I was such a spokesperson for the LDF,” Premachandran was quoted as saying by Manorama. He added that he believed that the people should judge Pinarayi’s remarks.

‘I was very sad to hear that’

Premachandran told Manorama that he was saddened to know Pinarayi Vijayan’s reaction. I was stunned to hear that. Premachandran says that it was a psychological trauma but it does not matter if he has a divisive intellect in politics. I was the last person to say that his method was to remain honest where he stood and that he should leave the LDF. He added that the same is true of the UDF today.


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