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“I am extremely surprised that they have given Madrid the World Heritage Site”

Sonia Taravilla, author of the account on Instagram and Twitter of “Un sereno de Madrid”, in front of the tiles of the Bodega del Águila, in La Latina.Santi Burgos

The conservation of the historical heritage of Madrid is a constant debate in the capital. From the El Sereno account in Madrid, with about 60,000 followers among Twitter and Instagram, Sonia Taravilla (Madrid, 1982) tries to highlight the past of the capital: “In general, the Community of Madrid does not stand out for the protection of heritage and citizens are not so aware, but it matters to me because it is my city” . The watchman was a masculine profession, but Taravilla does not care: “I wanted a forgotten occupation that would serve me as a chronicler of the town,” he says, and ruled out, for example, violet and waffle iron.

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His latest recent surprise has been the declaration of a World Heritage Site in the Prado Museum area: “I am very surprised that they gave it to us, but better, that way we must comply with the amendments, we will see what happens to the traffic or the covered archaeological remains of the Retirement, ”he says. “Here we do more reconstructions,” he says about the new Gran Vía temple, “and it will be a great claim, for sure, but I am more interested in the archaeological remains that have appeared in the works than the temple itself,” he adds.

The authors of accounts in social networks dedicated to Madrid tend to know each other. Between them, as everywhere, there are favorites and quarrels. There are more lax accounts with history or attributions, although they are more famous: “There are things that are not rigorous,” says Taravilla. “I am very interested that historical sources are respected and researchers are cited,” he adds. But his knowledge and attention to detail often have consequences: “Many times I put things that end up in the municipal plenary session. There are councilors who follow me and talk to me, ”he says. “My perspective is more combative: Madrid is very beautiful but it has its shadows,” he adds. More if possible because it has its roots here: “My grandparents came here from the town in Huelva, my grandfather was a railroad worker. They tell me many stories and I have seen it evolve ”, he explains.

Taravilla has not become rich with his serene. At most, he remembers, the City Council commissioned him to prepare some routes. They invite you to sites too, but you don’t post posts paid. For five years he has opposed the body of curators of state museums, almost all of which are in Madrid. They are the officials in charge of the collections. Before, Taravilla had worked in the tourism sector, with which he knows the city well, he even created a route through his neighborhood, Moratalaz.

Taravilla started with a blog and social media accounts in 2012, at a time when it was still easy to gain a foothold. Now it is somewhat less active and it is not only because of the opposition: “On Twitter I do little, people fight a lot over politics and I don’t like it. They are like children, I must warn you that I will delete the comments. For me this is for fun, not for a job, “he says.

Although his account does not rejoice in the Madrid sky, so hackneyed, some of his most viral tweets also use it. The sky of the city is one of the most easily shared features of Madrid celebration:

Although his properly more viral tweets from the beginning are about that weak mix between the preservation of the city’s heritage and emotions, like this one about a kiosk that sells comics:

Or this other tweet about the calamities that happen to the most street heritage:

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